Lyrica Side Effects with Alcohol- An Alert

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Common Lyrica Side Effects with Alcohol

The combined use of drugs of lyrica with alcohol can be perilous for the users and this combination may cause severity in minor side effects such as faintness and tiredness. The use of alcohol with lyrica can also reduce the effects of alcohol and it becomes difficult for you to drink usual amount of alcohol. A lot of side effects are associated with the combined use of lyric and alcohol therefore consult to your healthcare provider before combining them and discuss about use of moderate amount of alcohol with the lyrica medications. If proper medical care is not taken then lyrica side effects with alcohol become intensive and difficult to control.

People who are taking the lyrica medications are suggested to stop the use of alcohol with lyrica because it may causes serious side effects and they are also suggested to take reasonable amount of alcohol. If you want to use lyrica with alcohol then consult to your doctor and discuss and understand all side effects that can bring complications to your body. It is also important for users to know about the moderate amount of alcohol because amount of alcohol in drinks may change, therefore moderate dinks of alcohol are suggested by health care providers include 12 ounces of beer, 5ounces of wine and only one ounce of 100- proof whiskey.

Lyrica side effects with alcohol include the low amount of alcohol handled by lyrica users, dizziness or drowsiness may increase and the possibility to have perilous diseases increased to large extent. They can also cause difficulties for the users by affecting their abilities to perform various functions like car driving or machinery operating. As we know that lyrica is used for the treatment of nerve pains therefore its use with alcohol can cause depression, disorder in the central nervous system and also can slow the breathing process.

Some Severe Side Effects and Measures to Avoid them

The combine use of lyrica with alcohol may increase the sedating effects of alcohol and in some cases it become the main cause of extreme fatigue and user find it difficult to perform various tasks that requires the full attention of users. Lyrica side effects with alcohol also include allergic reaction such as itching, problem in breathing and swelling of mouth, lips and throat. These are very severe side effects of mixing alcohol with lyrica, therefore if you experience any one of these side effects then immediately consult to your physician.

To avoid from the lyrica side effects with alcohol, you should talk to your physician about the consumptions of alcohol and lyrica medications because he is the right person that will be in better position to guide you about your current health condition. Your physician can easily understand your situation that what are your requirements for lyrica and alcohol and can guide you that combine use better for you or not. Generally the use of lyrica is not recommended with alcohol but some patients, who are captivated to alcohol drinks, should discuss the right quantity of alcohol that will be helpful to prevent severe reactions of mixed use of alcohol and lyrica.

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